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Studying @ GWU

Cooperation with the George Washington University (GWU)

The George Washington University                   


Studying in the USA - for students of the University of Stuttgart


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Students majoring in mechanical engineering and similar studies is given the opportunity to study at the George-Washington-University (GWU). Prerequisites for the application are a completed Bachelor's degree with a grade of 2,0 or better, a TOEFL-Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minumum score of 80 (internet based TOEFL) and a successful attendance at the Graduate Record examination (GRE).

The George Washington University is located in the heart of Washington DC, just a few blocks away from the White House and the National Mall. The GWU offers a variety of lectures in a wide field of subjects. The GWU also offers great and abundant facilities, such as a large library, computer facilities and leisure facilities for sports.

The program gives you the opportunity to attend lectures and work on research projects at the "National Crash Analysis Center" (NCAC). The NCAC is focusing on all kinds of matters related to automotive and transportation safety. Examples are finite element simulations of vehicles and road-side hardware, biomechanics and real-world vehicle crash tests. The IMWF University of Stuttgart (Institute for Materials Testing, Materials Science and Strength of Materials) cultivates a close cooperation with the National Crash Analysis Center, which itself is part of the Transportation Engineering Research Institut of the George Washington University.

After successfully finishing the program, the credits obtained at the GWU may be acknowledged by the University of Stuttgart. There are usually three university places available for applicants to participate in the program.

Financial support by the DAAD and waiving of tuition fees can no longer be provided! 

Application requirements and deadline:

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Florian Panzer, M.Sc.