Materials Mechanics



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Seidenfuß

Lecture Period


  1. Basics of materials science
    • Structure of a crystalline solid
    • Alloy formation
    • Thermally activated processes
    • Strengthening mechanisms
  2. Materials testing
    • Tensile test, hardness testing, Wöhler fatigue test, creep test, notch impact test, metallography
  3. Materials groups
    • Metals
    • Polymers
    • Ceramics
    • Composite materials
    • Functional materials
  4. Environmental influences
  5. Strength calculation and material laws
    • State of stress
    • State of strain
    • Basic case of loading
    • Strength hypotheses
    • Non-linear-elastic material behaviour
    • Safety case


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Michael Seidenfuß

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

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