Welding Technology


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Dr.-Ing. Martin Werz

Lecture Period

This module is offered in the summer semester.


  1. Technical meaning of welding technology and material related processes during the welding of metallic materials
    • Structural changes
    • Welding faults
    • Internal stresses
    • Suitability of welding
  2. Welding
    • WIG, Mig-Mag, UP, E-Hand
    • laser beam-, electron beam-, plasma-, friction stir-, resistance spot welding
  3. Strength behaviour of welded components
    • failure under different types of stress
    • interpretation and calculation
  4. Damages in welded constructions
  5. Quality assurance in welding technology
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Requirements, training and sets of rules

Contact Information

Stefanie Bisinger


Secretariat for study matters

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