Fatigue Strength in Automotive Engineering



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Weihe

Lecture Period


  1. Material-mechanical basics
    • Failure modes in cyclic loading
    • Basics of materials science
    • Cyclic crack formation and growth
    • Influencing factors on the durability
  2. Experimental testing methods
    • Material properties
    • Single step and multi step tests
    • Component tests with actual stresses
  3. Calculation methods
    • Fatigue stress diagrams
    • Nominal stress concept
    • Notch stress concept
    • Local concept
    • Operational stability concept
    • Fracture mechanical concept
    • Standardisation and regulations
    • Durability and probability of default
  4. Operational stability concept in vehicle constructions
    • General approach
    • Particular concepts in vehicle construction
    • Optimization possibilities

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