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Strength of Materials I


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Weihe

Summer semester, 4 semester periods per week (4 SWS), including exercises

pdf-File Slide for task of exercises from 28/01/2005


Calculation of strength of components which are both not cracked and cracked under ductile and brittle material behaviour. Introduction to safety concepts, basics of stress and deformation states / conditions, strength hypotheses for static and cyclic loads, material behaviour under static, cyclic and impact-like load. Proof of safety, extension of calculation of strength into elastic-plastic material behaviour, component yield curve, residual stresses, computation concepts in the field of fatigue / service strength and calculation of pressure vessels, calculation of thermal loads, introduction to fracture mechanics, strength calculation of fibre reinforced composites.

 Exercises / laboratory sessions:

The subject matter from the lectures can be practised on examples.

Pdf-files of exercises and former exams not dealt with during the laboratory course (in German) are available under the Download - Region. All the links will be activated as soon as the subject required for the tasks has been dealt with in the lecture. Furthermore, detailed solutions are available during tutorials.

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