Vorlesungen im     Wintersemester   2017-2018
Update Prüfungshinweise für Werkstoffkunde und Werkstoffmechanik



Current projects

Experimental investigation and FE simulation of ductile fracture of aluminium alloy laser welded butt joints
Contact person:  Mr. Haoyun Tu

Numerical investigations of foams (honey pomelo shell structure)
Contact person:  Dipl.-Biol. Immanuel Schäfer M.Sc.  

The effect of interdendritic solidification pores on the mechanical properties of AlSi-cast alloys
Contact person:  Dr. Galina Lasko  

Self-healing, isolating coatings for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC):
Damage mechanisms under high temperature conditions and optimization

Contact person:  Dipl.-Ing. Vinzenz Guski   

Simulation of Erosion Begin for MMCs
Contact person:  Dr.-Ing. Axel Krebs   

Determination of residual stress in coated surfaces
Contact person:  Dipl.-Ing. Peter Weidmann   

Hybrid shaft-hub interference fit assembly with ceramic hub – Experiment and Simulation of Deterioration on steel-ceramic interface
Contact person:  Dipl.-Math. techn. Stefan Küster   

Lattice Monte Carlo modeling of solid particle erosion
Contact person:  Dr. rer. nat. Alejandro Mora

Intraoperative model based identification of tissue properties based on multimodal and multiscale experiments
Contact person:  Marijo Mlikota mag. ing. mech.

Multifunctional simulation of complex biological and biomimetic designs and materials
Contact person: Dr.-Ing. Axel Krebs

Scale bridging techniques from atomic scale to continuum level for plasticity
Contact person: Dennis Rapp, M. Sc.